Supermarket Use Swing Barrier Gate

Supermarket Use Swing Barrier Gate

Shenzhen Mingyi intelligent technology Co., LTD. Supermarket Use Swing Barrier Gate is a swing gate specially designed for the supermarket. The application of Supermarket Use Swing Barrier Gate brake in the supermarket mainly plays the role of diversion. For places with a large number of people, such as supermarkets, it is obviously not very realistic to use credit cards. Firstly, it is impossible for one person to use a card because of the large number of people. Secondly, the traffic efficiency will be sharply reduced with the increase of the number of people. The main purpose of setting swing gates in supermarkets is to limit the number of people passing through per unit time at the main entrances and exits, and emergency treatment can also be done in the event of an emergency (to restrict people entering supermarkets, etc.).

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Product Description

Supermarket Use Swing Barrier Gate

The appearance of the Supermarket Use Swing Barrier Gate of Shenzhen Mingyi intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is made of 304 stainless steel pipe, beautiful appearance, rust proof, durable, to provide civilized and orderly access for personnel, but also to prevent illegal personnel from entering and leaving; In addition, when no one enters the supermarket to consume, the Supermarket Use Swing Barrier Gate brake automatically closes. At the entrance, only single direction, illegal entry, the supermarket will automatically alarm the brake. In the entrance, as long as someone enters, the gate will automatically open, not by the time, the number of restrictions, is worth promoting a new swing gate. Shenzhen Mingyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Supermarket Use Swing Barrier Gate

Parameter (Specification)

◇Product name:Supermarket Use Swing Barrier Gate

◇ Chassis material: domestic standard 304 stainless steel

◇The main column size of the chassis: length 180 width 240 height 1080mm, the total ◇width of the standard size is less than 2 meters

◇Body width: > Swing arm length height: 1050mm

◇Swing arm length: 500-900mm(center axis to side distance)

◇Swing arm transmission Angle: 180 degrees

◇Swing direction: one-way or two-way

◇Operating voltage: AC220±10% V/50HZ ±10%

◇Drive motor: 24V DC brush motor

◇Input interface: relay dry contact signal or 12V pulse signal with pulse width ≥100ms, driving current ≥10mA

◇Communication interface: RS485 standard distance ≤1200 m

◇Speed: 40 people/min (normally open), 25-30 people/min (normally closed)

◇Gate opening and closing time: 2-3 seconds

◇Time required to enter the running state after power-on: 3 seconds

◇Automatic reset time after failure: 10 seconds

◇Working environment: indoor and outdoor (shade)

◇Temperature: -10 ° C to 50 ° C Relative humidity: ≤90%, no condensation

Shenzhen Mingyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Supermarket Use Swing Barrier Gate

Feature And Application


1: A new generation of industrial ARM control system, adding multifunctional digital setting, encryption and reset functions.

2: anti-reverse function: in the process of swing arm reset, if the external force reverses the swing arm, the swing arm will automatically start the reverse thrust and send an alarm. After the external force disappears, the swing arm will automatically return to the zero position and resume traffic.

3: The Supermarket Use Swing Barrier Gate has the function of fault self-check and alarm, which is convenient for user maintenance and use.

4: The Supermarket Use Swing Barrier Gate can be connected to any control device output control signal or button or remote control, to achieve single and dual control traffic.

5: Automatic reset function: every swing 90 degrees, and detect people and objects through, that is, automatic reset, or in the specified time (delay multi-file adjustable) not to pass, the system will automatically cancel the access and return to the initial bit.

6: Adjustable speed: The opening and closing speed of the swing arm can be adjusted in multiple stages, which can be set by the user according to the actual demand.

7: fire input: it can be connected with fire alarm signal to realize constant valve normally open.

8: alarm prompt function: illegal passage or lock, automatic alarm prompt.

9: Light indication: high brightness traffic light status indication, guide traffic.


Dedicated to the major supermarket

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