What is the difference between a speed gate and a swing gate?


What is the difference between a speed gate and a swing gate?

Customers often ask us what is the difference between smart speed gates and swing gates? Many people think that the two were the same before, but in fact, speed gates are an upgraded product of swing gates. Today we will tell you the difference between the two.

1. Driving method

The movement of the swing gate is 4-wheel drive and 4-slot brake, which belongs to sliding friction. The speed gate motor is directly driven and the clutch is braked without any friction.

The speed gate movement uses a clutch and an encoder in combination. The motor transmission efficiency is high, that is, the transmission coefficient is large, and the effective power of the motor is transmitted to the door swing to the maximum extent. The motor uses a DC brushless or servo motor, or a brushed motor can be used. When a sudden external force acts on the door and the door swing deviates from the zero position, the solenoid valve immediately locks the gate to eliminate the external force. The encoder function directs the door swing to return to the zero position, forming an automatic reset. In the event of illegal gate entry, the clutch will immediately lock the gate and There is a voice alarm prompt for "illegal break-in".

The swing gate movement adopts sliding friction, the principle of four wheels and four grooves, and the transmission efficiency is low. It is positioned at 90° between the wheel and the groove. Every time the door swing swings, the groove wheel will slide and rub once. The positioning is also based on a dead mechanism. The door swing If an external force is encountered and no anti-collision device is installed, the movement or the door swing will be directly damaged. The door swing will deviate from the middle zero position, causing the two sides to misalign and become out of sync. The movement will not work properly and the door swing will bend. The motor uses a brushed motor. If you break in illegally, you can only alarm but cannot lock the gate. For ordinary swing gates, you must be aware that impact may cause personal injury or death.

The movement of the gate is like the human heart and plays a vital role.

2. Appearance

The speed pass door has a relatively slender appearance and a small movement structure. It uses a clutch and an encoder to work together. It is about 100-180mm wide and about 1500mm long. The door swing is basically made of organic glass or tempered glass. From the appearance, the production process and overall appearance They all look high-end and grand.

The appearance of the swing gate is wide and thick, and the movement itself is large. It adopts an ordinary movement and has a four-wheel and four-slot structural principle. The width of the chassis is generally about 280-330mm and the length is between 420-1200mm. Most of the door swings are made of 304 stainless steel, and some With a small amount of plexiglass, the entire appearance of the swing gate looks heavy.

The appearance of a speed gate is just like a person’s facial features. It needs a coordinated proportion so that it looks high-end and grand.

3. Limiting method

Swing gates generally use proximity switches or optocoupler signals, which have large contact areas and inaccurate limits. Speed gates use encoder limits, which can be accurate to 1°, so swing gates and speed gates cannot be at the same level. Many companies on the market have shrunk the current swing gate movement and used it as a speed gate, but the quality and performance completely fail to meet the standards of a speed gate. Therefore, when purchasing, don’t be blinded by the appearance, don’t be greedy for cheap prices, and really understand the product.

4. Control part

The speed gate opens very quickly, 0.3-0.8 seconds/time, and can pass 30-45 people/minute. It can continuously swipe the card and open the gate continuously. The speed gate has a memory function and fire protection linkage. The speed can be adjusted, generally twice that of ordinary swing gates, which can facilitate pedestrians to pass quickly.

The opening speed of the swing gate is relatively slow, with a throughput of 20-25 people/minute. The gate is retracted after power failure, which meets the fire protection requirements. It does not have a fire linkage function. For ordinary swing gates, people and suitcases can only be handled by the middle anti-pinch. Passed, only one card per person can be used to pass people during peak periods, it is not possible to swipe cards continuously to pass people, and there is no memory to open the gate, etc. The control part is like the human brain, fast, flexible and stable.

These are the differences between smart speed gates and swing gates.