How do turnstiles work?


How do turnstiles work?

We can find that access control turnstiles are being used in more and more places, and turnstiles also need to be maintained, so how should they be maintained? You can learn about maintenance methods through the following content.

1. External cleaning

First of all, we need to know that the maintenance of pedestrian gates is very important. Like cars, they need maintenance and maintenance. The maintenance and maintenance of pedestrian gates directly affect the service life of gates. Therefore, pedestrian gates should be regularly checked Maintenance must not only be done, but also done according to the requirements. Many user managers seldom maintain or even do not maintain at all. When the machine is broken, they think of finding the turnstile manufacturer to replace the parts. This is often due to small losses, and there is no maintenance at all at ordinary times. A little problem will affect the use after a long time, so we must understand the importance of the maintenance of the machine.

General pedestrian access turnstiles are made of stainless steel, and it is recommended to clean the exterior once a week.

Clean the surface of the walkway gate, use a soft cloth to clean the surface dust, use a soft cloth and talcum powder to polish the exterior of the case, if possible, apply anti-rust oil, do not rub the anti-rust oil just applied, etc. It can be touched by hand after drying naturally for about 3-5 hours, otherwise it will destroy the anti-rust effect of the surface.

Remove the rust spots on the pedestrian access gate. After a long time of use, especially when used outdoors, some rust spots may appear. To remove the rust spots, you can use sandpaper and talcum powder to rub along the long lines, otherwise it will affect the appearance.

If it is a spray-painted or painted chassis, use a soft cloth to wipe off the dust on the surface. If there are any exposed scratches, use the same color paint to repair it, but be careful not to put the wing gates, swing gates, and speed gates on the infrared eye. Partially painted, otherwise the turnstile will give false alarms and cause unnecessary trouble. Turnstiles originated in the West, and the earliest commercial applications were in supermarkets; they emerged in the 1980s in China, and were first used in subways. Turnstiles are a channel management device used to manage the flow of people and regulate the entry and exit of pedestrians. Its most basic and core function is to realize the entrance and exit that only one person can pass through at a time, which can be used in various occasions.

2. Movement maintenance

The movement is the heart of the machine and must be well maintained. It is recommended to maintain it once a month. The maintenance method is as follows:

Cut off the power supply, open the cover of the pedestrian gate, clean the dust on the surface, clean the transmission part first and then add butter, and apply some butter to the gears and wheel grooves.

Check whether the fasteners and connecting rods are loose, tighten them, and check the wear of the wearing parts. If there is a gap of more than 3mm between the positioning arm and the positioning plate of the three-roller gate, replace it in time to keep the normal gap. Properly add butter to the spool of the solenoid valve so that the solenoid valve can reduce resistance and be lubricated when it moves left and right. Be careful not to add too much, but in moderation.

Note that the limit switch and limit plate of the three-roller gate should not be adjusted casually, in case the adjustment is too far or too close to cause an error.

3. Other matters needing attention

When the turnstile is in the closed state, do not hit the door panel. This will cause the door panel of the turnstile to wear and damage other accessories, which will affect the duration of use. Regularly check whether the door panel of the turnstile is damaged, and deal with it in time if there is any damage.

When the main machine, auxiliary machine or chassis is opened for maintenance, be sure to turn off the power connected to the machine. It is strictly forbidden to plug and unplug the port connection socket when the power is on. Plugging and unplugging when the power is on will easily damage the control circuit. Regularly check whether the fixing screws between the gate motor and the rotating arm are loose. If they are loose, they should be tightened in time. It is recommended to check once a week.

After the card is swiped, the gate is opened while it is not open. This problem occurs because there is a problem with the proximity switch on the non-action side. Please inspect the proximity switch. The inspection methods are as follows: When the proximity switch senses the arm, the light behind the proximity switch is on. No light. When the light behind the proximity switch is on, check whether there is a signal output to the control board. How far is the distance from the proximity switch to the arm, the general standard is 0.1mm to 0.2mm.

If you encounter a gate that can open and close the door normally, but every time you close and open the door, there will be a bang. The channel gate has the self-adaptive ability in case of abnormal situation. When the communication with the management terminal is interrupted, the normal opening of the on-site access gate will not be affected: the authorization can be canceled through the management host: invalid cards and expired cards can be recycled, and can continue to be used after re-authorization: various event data reports can be provided, including Cardholder access events, alarm events, system events, etc., the system can log the administrator's operation steps; event records should include the following content: allow access, deny access, alarm, forced door opening, normal opening, failure, network connection, Network disconnection, remote control, etc.; the system has a special memory protection device, and the access control code and system data will not disappear due to power failure. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the gong wire of the door panel is loose, whether the proximity switch of the gate is broken, or whether there is a problem with the terminal connected to the main control board. There is a problem with the terminals on the board, or the board is broken. Finally, check whether the distance between the position where the proximity switch is installed and the pivoting arm of the door panel is too far, and whether it can be sensed.