Channel gate daily use and maintenance


The daily use and maintenance of the channel gate can effectively improve its service life and safety index, so how much do you know about the daily use and regular maintenance of the channel gate as an installer and user of the channel gate? Let's take a look below!

1. When doing maintenance, disconnect all external switchgear (access control and console, etc.).

2. Must have a main power switch or other current operated device.

3. Before operation, ensure that all electrical and functional characteristics have been tested.

4. Only professional certificated and trained electrical technicians can move the case cover, plug into the power socket, power receiver or wires, please do not operate without permission.

5. During maintenance work, bolts must be checked and tightened if necessary.

6. Live parts such as switching power supplies, motors, resistors, fixed shells of motors and lamps, etc., will burn the skin under operating temperature conditions, please do not touch them.

7. During the use of the product, it is forbidden to sit on the swing gate or force it to be squeezed, otherwise the gate will be damaged unnecessarily.

8. It is forbidden for non-professionals to open the case for debugging, maintenance and product service;

9. The housing of the turnstile is made of polished stainless steel. It needs to be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth to maintain a clean and bright surface. It is forbidden to use hard objects to clean the surface of the turnstile, otherwise the beautiful surface will be affected. It is also not allowed to wash with water, otherwise the electrical system will cause a short circuit and the gate may be damaged.

10. It is necessary to regularly check the connection of each interface of the movement to prevent the firmware from loosening, otherwise the gate will fail after long-term operation.

11. It is necessary to use lubricant to lubricate the movement parts regularly.

12. It is necessary to regularly check the connection of the socket and the wire to ensure a stable connection.

13. It is necessary to regularly check the connection of the grounding system to ensure the stability of the connection.

14. When the inspection and maintenance are completed, it is necessary to restore the circuit of the turnstile enclosure and close the enclosure door correctly.

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