What is the general function of the community channel gate


1. Anti-tailing function

This channel has a common infrared light band detection area. According to the user's precision requirements, the switch state can be adjusted through software to meet different needs. Read the trailer of the card. When the system determines the tail, the system will react according to the valid cardholder's position returned by the infrared detector. After the opening signal is sent, there are still some abnormal uses that will trigger the alarm system.

2. Abnormal use alarm function

When the door is opened, after the reverse intrusion door wing is opened, if an unauthorized pedestrian enters the detection area of the door body in the reverse direction, the door will be closed immediately, as long as the first protection detection belt detects the presence of people, the aging function will not count At this time, when people leave the second detection area, the door resumes normal operation.

From the first detector detecting a pedestrian to the last detector leaving the first safety detection zone, the time gap is about 0.25 seconds. After the pedestrian leaves the first safety detection zone, when the card reader signal is not issued to open the door, The first detection zone detects pedestrians (followers) again, the alarm sounds for a long time, and the door is still opened.

When the pedestrian leaves, the reverse intrusion pedestrian passes through the second safety detection area. Before the door returns to the basic state, there is no legal door opening signal, and the second security detection zone detects that someone enters, and the alarm system sends out an alarm. But as long as the protection detection area still detects people, the door will not close.

When the door is closed, the reverse intruder pedestrian enters the door body after the signal of authorization to open the door is issued. Before passing through the first safety photoelectric detection belt, if the reverse detection belt detects that someone has entered, as long as the person does not leave, the buzzer will always sound the alarm, and the door will remain closed. The timeliness function does not calculate time intervals at this time