What is a pedestrian access gate and what is its function?


In the first line of security defense, the gate is very important. It is called the iron triangle of security with monitoring and alarm. They cooperate perfectly with each other to solve security problems in residential areas, office buildings and public places. The barrier gate system belongs to automatic protection.

Pedestrian passage turnstiles: the more commonly used ones are tripod turnstiles, swing turnstiles, wing turnstiles, etc.

Application scenarios: schools, enterprises, hotels, office buildings, government office buildings and other places.

Moreover, there are many types of barrier gates, which should be planned according to the usage scenarios and users.

For example, when pedestrians carry large suitcases, strollers, wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles, etc., they need enough space to pass through, fully meeting the needs of various "cars", people, and "vehicles".

Therefore, in the process of using the sidewalk gate, we must fully consider the environment and the people used, and then adjust the parameters according to objective factors to achieve a balance between people and the gate.