Inclined Surface Swing Barrier Gate

Inclined Surface Swing Barrier Gate

Shenzhen Mingyi Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. Inclined Surface Swing Barrier Gate is my company for many years research and development production of intelligent channel gate. Inclined Surface Swing Barrier Gate can help the orderly civilized passage of the community, and can prevent illegal personnel in and out. At the same time in order to meet the requirements of the fire channel, in the case of emergency power outage fall pole, organize personnel evacuation. At present, many high-end residential areas are popular installation, and its standard appearance, affordable price is also very popular with customers.

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Product Description

Inclined Surface Swing Barrier Gate

Shenzhen Minga intelligent technology Co., LTD. Inclined Surface Swing Barrier Gate from the beginning of the shape of the bridge structure has been followed by the more popular name, composed of the main box and two movable pendulum rod, pendulum rod can do 180° or 90° swing, in order to dissuade or release the purpose. It is mainly used for the management of the entrance and exit of the channel. The usual application places only allow personnel to pass through, or the personnel with baggage, and the disabled to pass through. Considering the wider channel characteristics than the flap barrier gate. Most of the swing gate can be mixed with pedestrians, bicycles, moped, disabled vehicles and other non-motorized vehicles. Shenzhen Mingyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Inclined Surface Swing Barrier Gate

Product Parameter (Specification)

◇ Parameter name: Inclined Surface Swing Barrier Gate

◇ Case material: Standard 304 stainless steel/baking paint

◇ Material thickness: Standard 1.2mm/1.5mm,2.0mm (optional)

◇ Production process: full CNC laser cutting machine production

◇ Operating voltage: AC220±10%V 50±10%HZ 100W

◇ Driving motor: 24V brushed motor (brushless motor is optional)

◇ Dimension: 1200 L *280 W *980MM (support size customization)

◇ Single pendulum channel width: 600MM (customizable width)

◇ Split channel width: 1000MM (customizable width)

◇ Baffle material: 304 stainless steel (can be customized to acrylic plate)

◇ Traffic direction: one-way or two-way (configurable)

◇ Working environment: indoor and outdoor (shady shed)-10℃ ~ 50℃

◇ Relative humidity: ≤90%, no condensation

◇ Gate opening and closing time: 1 second

◇ Speed: 25-30 people/min (normally closed) 40 people/min (normally open)

◇ Time required to enter the running state after power-on: 3 seconds

◇ Normal service life: more than 5 million times

◇ Automatic reset function: after opening the gate, the system will automatically lock if not used within the specified time, and the time can be adjusted.

◇ Automatic reset time after failure: 10 seconds

◇ Communication interface: standard RS485 interface, distance ≤1200 meters

◇ Input interface: relay switch signal or 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with pulse width > 100ms, driving current > 10mA

Shenzhen Mingyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Inclined Surface Swing Barrier Gate

Product Feature And Application


● The special ARM kernel microprocessor control circuit and digital positioning technology, so that the start and control is smooth, so that the automatic control ability of the gate is more accurate;

● The system runs smoothly, the noise is small, the structure is simple and reliable, the surface of the movement is antirust and anticorrosive treatment, durable;

● Provide multiple RJ45 interface and RS485/232 interface, can connect a variety of card readers, magnetic stripe, EMID, MIFARE1IC, TI, and support a variety of data formats, WIEGRAND26, WIEGRAND34, WIEGRAND66, also can connect bar code reader, fingerprint reader, Palm print recognizer, etc., strong compatibility, convenient system integration;

● The Inclined Surface Swing Barrier Gate using TCP/IP communication protocol, real-time data upload and real-time data collection, convenient for customers to deal with a variety of data analysis, and ensure that the system does not cause data loss due to too much data or emergencies;

● Control panel with counting function, LCD/LED display function (optional);

● High-precision sensor group and intelligent recognition algorithm design, can be very good to identify the number of personnel in the channel and direction, greatly improve the accuracy of anti-clip and anti-trailing; Multi-point detection, more suitable for children or people carrying luggage through;

● Intelligent voice and sound prompts make the equipment more user-friendly and easier to use;

● With fault self-check and alarm prompt function, convenient maintenance and use;

● Mechanical anti-clamping, infrared induction anti-clamping function, in the process of gate reset encountered resistance, the motor automatically stops working within the specified time, the default delay after reset until reset), small intensity (≤2kg);

● Sound and light alarm function: including illegal entry, trailing alarm;

● Anti-impact function, in the absence of receiving the opening signal, swing arm automatic lock, with automatic reset function, after opening, in the specified time is not passed, the system will automatically cancel the user of the access authority, the standard is open after 5 seconds automatic reset;

● Infrared induction reset, infrared induction anti-clip function (standard 3 pairs of infrared);

● The channel opens automatically after power failure, and closes automatically after power failure;

● The Inclined Surface Swing Barrier Gate can be connected with access control system, consumption system, electronic ticket system, biometric identification system, electrostatic tester and other equipment;

● The Inclined Surface Swing Barrier Gate can be one-way or two-way control personnel in and out, infrared induction free in and out channels;

● The Inclined Surface Swing Barrier Gate can directly use the management computer to achieve remote control and management;


Suitable for all kinds of public places requiring orderly passage of pedestrians.

1. Places requiring authorization to enter, such as enterprise building, factory, canteen, golf course, club, school, hospital, community, construction site, hotel, etc.

2. Public places requiring ticket verification, such as scenic spots, parks, gyms, swimming pools, gymnasiums, theaters, stations, wharfs, subways, airports, etc.

3. Places with strict security measures, such as government organs, private clubs, research institutes, financial units, anti-static control areas of electronic engineering, etc.

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