Circular Full Height Turnstile

Circular Full Height Turnstile

The Circular Full Height Turnstile of Shenzhen Mingyi Intelligent Technology Co., LTD., adopts the new semi-automatic turnstile movement, uses the new solenoid valve design, with the induction signal detection, can strictly control the pedestrian access. The magnetic lock opens after the card is released. The Circular Full Height Turnstile can be powered by rotation. The magnetic lock automatically locks after passing through. The mechanical drive, microprocessor control and various reading and writing technologies are integrated organically. By configuring different reading and writing devices, the intelligent control and management of the passage can be completed, and the loopholes in the management of the traditional gateway can be effectively solved.

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Product Description

Circular Full Height Turnstile

Shenzhen Mingyi intelligent technology Co., LTD. Circular Full Height Turnstile , the shape of the domestic standard 304 stainless steel plate stamping molding, circular top design is more beautiful, can provide people with orderly, civilized way of passage, prevent illegal access. Used for strict control area, can effectively prevent climbing, drilling. When passing through the turnstiles, the turnstiles controlled by the administration may deny entry to unauthorized persons. The product uses advanced drive control technology, which can change the design in a wide range to meet various requirements for intelligent access control systems in different styles of modern buildings. Shenzhen Mingyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Circular Full Height Turnstile

Parameter (Specification)

◇ Parameter name:Circular Full Height Turnstile

◇ Product size: 1450*1450*2200mm; Customizable size

◇ Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz;

◇ Control voltage: DC24V, 3A, consumption: 40W.

◇ Electromagnetic: duty cycle 100%.

◇ Brake rod length: 600(mm)

◇ Brake rod bearing capacity: 80Kg

◇ Brake lever working driving force: 3Kg

◇ Brake lever steering: one-way, two-way (optional);

◇ Automatic reset function: after opening the gate, the system will automatically lock if not ◇ used within the specified time, and the time can be adjusted.

◇ Light prompt: traffic direction indication

◇ Working environment: indoor and outdoor (shade)

◇ Protection level: IP45.

◇ Temperature: -15℃ ~ 60℃

◇ Relative humidity: ≤90%, no condensation

◇ Opening time: 0.2 seconds

◇ Speed: 30 passengers/min

◇ Communication interface: TCP/IP communication (optional).

◇ Input interface: dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal with pulse width ≥100ms, driving current ≥10mA;

Shenzhen Mingyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Circular Full Height Turnstile

Feature And Application


● Unique two-way anti-reverse function

● The special ARM kernel microprocessor control circuit and digital positioning technology, so that the start and control is smooth, so that the automatic control ability of the gate is more accurate;

● Control panel with counting function, LCD/LED display function (optional);

● With automatic reset function, after opening the gate, in the specified time is not passed, the system will automatically cancel the user of the access authority, the standard is opened after 5 seconds automatic reset;

● The channel automatically unlocked after power off, free rotation function, to meet the requirements of fire protection, power on the channel automatically locked and closed;

●Circular Full Height Turnstile can be connected with access control system, consumption system, electronic ticket system, biometric identification system, electrostatic tester and other equipment;

● Circular Full Height Turnstile can be one-way or two-way control personnel in and out;

● Circular Full Height Turnstile can directly use the management computer to achieve remote control and management;

● The system runs smoothly, low noise, simple and reliable structure;

● The surface of the movement adopts anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment, durable;

● Provide multiple R45 interface and RS485/232 interface, can connect a variety of card readers, magnetic stripe, EMID, MIFARE1IC, TI, and support a variety of data formats, WIEGRAND26, WIEGRAND34 WIEGRAND66, also can connect bar code reader, fingerprint reader, Palm print recognizer, etc., strong compatibility, convenient system integration;

● Intelligent voice and sound prompts make the equipment more user-friendly and easier to use;

● With fault self-check and alarm prompt function, convenient maintenance and use;

● Sound and light alarm function: including illegal entry, trailing alarm;

● Anti-impact function, in the absence of receiving the opening signal, the brake rod automatically lock;


Prisons, military administration zones and factories, communities and construction sites with very strict entry and exit management (such as chemical plants, construction sites, smart communities, etc. Office building gate personnel management, workshop outside facilities, sports grounds, entertainment venues, parking lots, etc

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