Airport Servo Speed Gate

Airport Servo Speed Gate

Shenzhen Mingyi Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. Airport Servo Speed Gate is designed and developed for the airport station and other places with large traffic.Airport Servo Speed Gate is more stable than ordinary quick pass gate, with higher traffic efficiency. At the same time, it is better compatible with ID ticket and ticketing system, which improves passenger inspection efficiency and facilitates passengers to pass security check.

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Product Description

Airport Servo Speed Gate

Shenzhen Mingyi Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. Airport servo speed gate is a combination of gate self-service verification system and face recognition algorithm for security screening self-verification equipment, with the gradual maturity of face recognition technology and the introduction of this hardware equipment airport, customs, high-speed rail and other occasions, constantly promote the construction of "smart airport", Changed the airport, ports, stations, checkpoints and other security fields of service. Shenzhen Mingyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Airport Servo Speed Gate

Parameter (Specification)

◇ Parameter name: Airport Servo Speed Gate

◇ Case material: Standard 304 stainless steel/baking paint

◇ Material thickness: Standard 1.5mm/2.0mm (optional)

◇ Production process: full CNC laser cutting machine production

◇ Operating voltage: AC220±10%V 50±10%HZ 100W

◇ Driving motor: 24V brushless motor (optional servo motor)

◇ Dimensions: 1600 L *200 W *1000MM (support size customization)

◇ Swing arm length: 350MM

◇ Channel width: 750MM (customizable width)

◇ Baffle material: organic acrylic (color optional, default transparent color)

◇ Traffic direction: one-way or two-way (configurable)

◇ Working environment: indoor and outdoor (shady shed)-10℃ ~ 50℃

◇ Relative humidity: ≤90%, no condensation

◇ Gate opening and closing time: 1 second

◇ Speed: 30-40 people/min (normally closed) 40 people/min (normally open)

◇ Time required to enter the running state after power-on: 3 seconds

◇ Normal service life: more than 10 million times

◇ Automatic reset function: after opening the gate, the system will automatically lock if not used within the specified time, and the time can be adjusted.

◇ Automatic reset time after failure: 10 seconds

◇ Communication interface: standard RS485 interface, distance ≤1200 meters

◇ Input interface: relay switch signal or 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with pulse width > 100ms, driving current > 10mA

Shenzhen Mingyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Airport Servo Speed Gate

Feature And Application


1. Airport Servo Speed Gate the use of face recognition method to automatically identify personnel information, automatic electronic temperature measurement, normal body temperature can pass quickly, abnormal alarm prompt function.

2. Airport Servo Speed Gate with illegal entry alarm, reverse entry alarm, trailing alarm, timeout alarm function.

3. The swing gate can be automatically buffered from Angle after being hit by external force to protect the swing gate from damage.

4. intelligent research and development team independent research and development technology, mechanical wear, perfect, stable and durable performance.

5. LED direction traffic indication, prompt channel status, guide pedestrians to pass quickly.

6. The gate system is equipped with digital encoder, which can automatically correct the Angle of swing gate, and strong synchronization of swing gate on both sides.

7. When the power is on, the door will be automatically locked and closed. In special cases, the power will be automatically opened or unlocked, which is convenient for personnel to pass quickly.

8. Airport Servo Speed Gate with mechanical and photoelectric dual protection anti-clamp, swing gate in distress transmission automatic separation.


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